Go Goa With Dil Se Diwali – Goa Villa Welcomes You This Diwali For Mega Celebration

Save the Diwali dates 27th Oct to 31st Oct 2019…. Goa welcomes you to be part of the mega celebration. The name Goa itself carries an aura of excitement around the season. Added with the Diwali glory it becomes even more heavenly. The decoration, celebration, programs, enjoyment, fun and assembling of people from all region across India and also from other countries make Diwali celebration in Goa a unique oneness in diversity.

Delved in Colors of Rangoli

In colours of Rangoli the yards of Goa flinch in festivity. The art and culture of India are delineated through colours of Rangoli. Also the colourful mind and dresses of each individual irrespective of religion, caste and creed get together in these special 5 days long Diwali in Goa.

Light of illumination

Needless to say, that Diwali is the festival of enlightenment and power. Demolishing the devil, the light of spirituality guides us to wellbeing and prosperity. The whole city and its buildings get bedecked with golden glory of light and diya. A special custom of floating lantern on the river is observed here in well-wishing of loved ones which is again an anonymous view.

The earthen diya symbolizes the tenacity and endurance of good or God. Its emblems all negative and yet remains untouched by impurity. And the oil represents the evil force which is burned out in the wellness of mankind.

Goa has a special story of Diwali celebration

Narkasur, the celebration predominantly arrives and moves around the story of Narkasur, the king of Goa in mythology. He was very brutal on his countrymen. Powered by evil energy he tortured all civilians and took away wealth, peace and prosperity. On worshipping Lord Vishnu, the demon got an end by the Lord. So, the festival starts with worshipping and giving a special offering to Lord Krishna or Lord Ram. There are also many predominant stories that revolve around.

Market turnover in Goa during Diwali

Market turnover is very high during Diwali in Goa mainly as it marks the beginning of the tourist season and also for Diwali celebration. All commodities are in high demand. New dresses, sweets, crackers, ornaments and many other gift items are on high demand.

If you are planning for a trip, then things you must know

If you are planning for a trip during Diwali, then you must know the date schedules and rush time to book your lodging and other site seeing facilities beforehand to keep safe and avoid the rush. All temples are highly populated these 5 days especially Lord Krishna or Mata Laxmi temples. Through your touristic guide, you may pre-book all accommodations and travel tickets as it is otherwise impossible to get any spot appointments. Road safety, first aid and other emergency services are well deployed by the government to avoid any sort of hindrance for tourist and civilians.

Hotels and resort get embellished with different themes and celebration to provide its guest with the best experience. Goa Villa is luxury rental which endeavors to indulge its guests in the panoramic beauty of Goa and reintroduce you to hospitality and warmth of welcome in Goa.