Why Phi Phi Island in Thailand is considered the heaven on the earth?

What makes Phi Phi island a heaven on earth is that it is free from the hustle bustle of the busy lives that we usually encounter. Phi Phi Leh islands are entirely free from human inhabitants. Phi Phi Don lacks roads and you wouldn’t get lost in the maddening crowd. You can explore the place on your own which is one of its kind experiences. Located in the AndamanSea, Phi Phi Islands offer the best things for the visitors to explore. This stunning island that is second to none offers impeccable choices when it comes to the activities and the tours. You always have something or the other to indulge in Phi Phi islands. The crystal clear waters, lush green vegetation and the white sand powder on the beaches transforms Phi Phi islands into a heaven on Earth. The Maya Bay is a hot spot on the Phi Phi islands. The back end of the beach has a small terrace that offers a breathtaking view point of the Loh Sama which is famous for snorkeling. The Viking Cave is yet another attraction in the Phi Phi Islands. This cave features ancient paintings and the tourists learn how to capture swifts live in the cave through the aid of local fishermen. The Koi Phi Phi Don is a main village and is renowned for its unusual shape. Shaped like the alphabet “H”, this village is covered with jungle and features two mountains as the vertical bars of the alphabet. This village has a setting of a picture post card which is bound to enchant the visitors. This village is a Mecca for the photographers. The Pirate Island Adventures in the Phi Phi Island is one of its kinds. It is one of the popular attractions on this island and features a shop house that resembles a pirate ship wreck. The visitors have the option to enjoy the electronic shooting range with muskets and pistols. This attraction as well features rides and a 5D motion theater. The adults and the children are bound to have fun in the haunted house that sprawls over 250 square kilometers. If you love diving, then Phi Phi Islands wouldn’t disappoint you. Professional and serious dive centers offer dispensing courses to the visitors around and in the Phi Phi waters. The Anemone Reef, King Cruiser Wreck and the Shark Point are the most notable dive sites in the Phi Phi islands. The shark watching tours are quite popular and done in small groups. Snorkeling equipment under the guidance of professionals are offered to the visitors offering educational yet exciting experience to carry home with.

If you love shopping, then Phi Phi islands offer you the best experiences. You can find most of the interesting items for purchase on these islands. Although the number of stores is few, they offer a lot of souvenirs and original articles for sale. You would be able find unusual gifts to take back home in the Phi Phi stores. Get a glimpse of the life of the islanders by visiting the Phi Phi market. You can check out the exotic vegetables, fruits and seafood that grow on Phi Phi. The tropical jungles and the azure waters of the Phi Phi islands would leave you speechless. Explore the wildlife, cruise in a long tail, unravel the mysteries of the prehistoric cave paintings and a lot more while you are at the Phi Phi Islands